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Pioneers like William Montagna inspired us to celebrate and study the beautiful diversity of skin, the largest organ of the body.

Founders like you ensure the Montagna Symposium and its educational mission endures and shapes the future.


How can I become a Founder?

Fulfill pledges of $30,000 or more by 2021, the 70th anniversary year of the Symposium on the Biology of Skin. Founders will be acknowledged annually at the Montagna Symposium on the Biology of Skin and by the Biology of Skin Foundation.


Acknowledged forever in order of amount of gift and date of pledge.

Corporations and Foundations

Acknowledged for 7 years in order of amount of gift and date of pledge. Renewable as Founders forever.

How can I give?

Donate any amount and be acknowledged as a Donor through 2021. Have the opportunity to become a Founder based upon lifetime contributions or contributions in your honor.

2021 Fund Giving Levels

  • $10,000 or above
  • $5,000 or above
  • $1000 or above
  • $75 or above
  • Other

Who are Founders?

Philanthropists who care about exchange of ideas, public access to science and diversity in leadership.

Dermatologists curious about the skin and how knowledge will lead to breakthrough treatments.

Skin researchers unlocking secrets of skin structure and function in health and disease.

Departments of Dermatology embracing the Montagna Symposium as part of resident training and lifelong learning to ensure that clinically relevant questions get answered.

Corporations springing from and acting in the skin niche.

Foundations dedicated to discovering cures and pathways to quality of life.

Pioneers like Montagna devoted to capturing the diversity of skin across humans and endangered species.


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